Patch: PCI resource fixup for atyfb (was: Re: xf 4.0.1 + ati driver with rage II/rage pro)

Michael Schmitz schmitz at
Wed Oct 4 02:15:40 EST 2000

> > Fine, but how would I do that? And how do I tell atyfb to set up two
> > framebuffers for the two separate screens`?
> By adding code to atyfb. Sorry for the short answer ;-)

Har har. I almost guessed that. Once I figure out how to initialize the
chip to use separate chunks of RAM for the two ports, the little hack to
make atyfb parse multiple vmode arguments (and consequently set up
and register multiple framebuffers) would indeed be trivial.

Do you have any idea if the config registers dumped to the console by
atyfb are all I need to look at?


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