usb wheel mouse, XF4.0

Michael Schmitz schmitz at
Wed Nov 29 10:15:07 EST 2000

> >Just what sort of controller is being used (UHCI or OHCI). From your post
> >I cannot figure out whether the controller is recognized by the kernel or
> >not, what you've done about it on the kernel driver level, or where else
> >the problem might be.
> What I know is that the only way I can even compile the kernel
> successfully is to turn on OHCI support alone (the UHCI options
> wouldn't compile for me the last time I tried them - I assumed they
> were an i386 thing).

UHCI is used on Intel, and apparently can't be compiled for PPC.

> >If the kernel reports something about 'new device connect' and assigning
> >an event / mouse device, the kernel recognized the USB controller, and can
> >see devices on the USB bus.
> Yep. See
> <>.

Looks perfectly normal to me.

> >I'd guess the problem is with the driver for your particular card. I don't

Seems the hardware on the card is recognized as OHCI allright (and works
OK as far as device detection goes, at least).

> >read -user so I missed your dmesg log there (you can send it by PM), the
> >log perhaps contains enough information to tell what sort of USB card
> >you are using and which Linux driver is handling the card.
> >
> >In order to check the interrupt situation, the output of lspci -vv and cat
> >/proc/interrupts would help tremendously as well.
>  From a -dev post of mine a while ago regarding the fact that I have 6
> cards in the box and that half of my PCI bus is not even seen (2nd
> bus?), my list of cards (in order from top to bottom), and lspci, is:
> Adaptec 2940UW
> Farallon ethernet 10/100
> OrangeLink firewire/usb combo
> Matrox Mystique card
> ixMicro TV card
> ixMicro Twin Turbo card
> 00:0b.0 Host bridge: Apple Computer Inc. Bandit PowerPC host bridge (rev 03)
> 00:0d.0 SCSI storage controller: Adaptec AIC-7881U
> 00:0e.0 Ethernet controller: Digital Equipment Corporation DECchip
> 21142/43 (rev 41)
> 00:0f.0 PCI bridge: Action Tec Electronics Inc: Unknown device 0100 (rev 11)
> 00:10.0 Class ff00: Apple Computer Inc. Grand Central I/O (rev 02)
> 01:0c.0 FireWire (IEEE 1394): NEC Corporation: Unknown device 00cd (rev 01)
> 01:0d.0 USB Controller: OPTi Inc. 82C861 (rev 10)
> That was done with a 2.2.17 kernel. Tonight I will do it again and
> also report the result of cat/proc/interrupts.

Please make lspci log as much information as possible (-vv will do that),

	usb-ohci.c: USB OHCI at membase 0xd0184000, IRQ 23

already gives a clue. Question is, what else is at IRQ 23?


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