apmd and other archs

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at calva.net
Sat Nov 25 00:51:02 EST 2000

>Seems like I missed a good part of the discussion... First reason I
>wanted apmd
>marked as x86 only, is because it is useless _now_ on power-pc. We have
a PMU,
>not an APM BIOS (ugh!), we have pmud not apmd. What is the point compiling it
>for powerpc if it's not working and will probably never ?

Don't mix PowerPC and PowerMac. PowerMacs rely on pmud. But PReP and CHRP
machines can be more PC-like that you'd like them to in some cases :)
They don't really have an apm bios, but who knows... They certainly don't
have a PMU and don't use pmud.

I've been told there's an IBM PReP thinkpad out there. What does this box
use for power management ? It's own mecanism ?

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