Lombard Sleep Crash (Was: 2.2.18pre17 again)

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at calva.net
Sat Nov 4 02:55:09 EST 2000

>just for the record:
>I've got the same crash as Albrecht in Sept. with 2.2.18pre4-ben1
>and linuxppc2k on my PB3400 without the wakebay app.
>Sep 18 00:35:03 apple kernel: Kernel panic: kernel access of bad area pc
>c00cf34c lr c00cfa88 address 24 tsk
>c00cf218 t idepmac_sleep_device
>c00cf334 t idepmac_wake_device
>c00cf400 t idepmac_sleep_interface
>c00cf4e4 t idepmac_wake_interface
>c00cf728 t idepmac_notify_sleep
>c00cfab0 T ide_dma_intr
>c00cfb8c T ide_build_dmatable

Please, try to disassemble idepmac_sleep_device with objdump and see
where exactly it crashes. Looks like there may be some bad pointer going
on there...


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