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Thu May 25 03:56:00 EST 2000

Hi Simon,

On  24 May, this message from Simon Piette echoed through cyberspace:
[about the promise/66 in a Mac]
>> Forget about these old patches. Go to my PCI page:
>> and get yourself my latest patches for either 2.2.15 ( or
>> 2.3.99-pre7 ( kernels. For 2.2.15, you need Andre's patches
>> in addition to mine. Apply his IDE patches first.

To all those interested: there are new patches up for 2.2.15; I screwed
up with the older ones. Went back to an old version of my PCI patches.
Damn ;-)

> Great! It's working without a hitch (but with a few kernel args!).

Which ones are those? I need none; I could do with idebus=xx for bus
frequency; but the default is ok...

> I have to say that I can't put my card in slot 3 or 4, but only in 1 or
> 2. Not an issue for me but you may want to know ...

What was your machine again? There might be an issue either with bus
mastering (some brain-dead designs don't allow bus masters in all slots;
the Promise is a bus master) or with multiple PCI buses. In the first
case there's nothing you can do; in the second case I might have screwed
up my patches....

> Also, the Promise Card is the only one IDE controller on my Mac, but it
> gets detected at ide2 and ide3. Not an isssue for me neither :-)

CONFIG_BLK_DEV_OFFBOARD=y in your .config; the option is 'Boot off-board
chipsets first'. I guess reserving two IDE buses that are not actually
probed is braindamaged PC legacy ;-)

Be carefull when actually activating this, as your disks will change
devices, and your /etc/fstab will be out of sync!

> Thanks for your work! I'll post instructions on linuxppc-user ...

You're welcome ;-)


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