OF & adaptec2940UW on 7200

Andreas Tobler toa at pop.agri.ch
Tue May 23 02:03:43 EST 2000


I try to get my pm7200 to run with quik. I have an Adaptec 2940UW with
the latest (dec 99) firmware. Two disk attached to this card. No other
discs in this machine.
Now I have some troubles accessing the disks from OF. It can't find it.
here the dev / ls:
FF831AC8: /bandit at F2000000
FF832CB8:   /gc at 10
FF8330F0:     /53c94 at 10000
FF834978:       /sd at 0,0
FF8355A8:       /st at 0,0
FF836220:     /mace at 11000
FF837098:     /escc at 13000
FF8371F0:       /ch-a at 13020
FF8378A0:       /ch-b at 13000
FF837F50:     /awacs at 14000
FF838038:     /swim3 at 15000
FF839140:     /via-cuda at 16000
FF839CD0:       /adb at 0,0
FF839DC0:         /keyboard at 0,0
FF83A510:         /mouse at 1,0
FF83A5C0:       /pram at 0,0
FF83A670:       /rtc at 0,0
FF83AB38:       /power-mgt at 0,0
FF83ACE0:     /nvram at 1D000
FF83BD90:   /pci106b,1 at B
FF83BF68:   /pci10b7,5900 at D
FF83C1F8:   /ADPT,2940UW at E		<--- the card.
FF864AB8:   /pci10b7,9055 at F
FF83AF90: /platinum at F8000000

Now I think I miss the /sd and /st entries behind the /ADPT entry. I
followed the parts of the yaboot-faq, to find out about disk naming
under OF.
I set the boot-device like this: /bandit at F2000000/ADPT,2940UW at E/@2 for
the second disk.
On boot cmd it only says can't open the above.

Are there some people having a similar card/experience?
Also, creating alias'es under this OF doesn't seem to work. (OF-1.0.5)
0 > nvalias sd /bandit at F2000000/ADPT,2940UW at E  ok
0 > nvstore NVRAMRC not valid

Any hints would be great,



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