8260 io and caches

Neil Russell caret at c-side.com
Tue May 2 03:19:16 EST 2000

>From what I can see, the uart driver in the current linux source is written
for the 860, with no mods for the 8260.  The 8260 has some different bits
in the RFCR/TFCR parameter RAM fields.  There is a GBL bit (bit 2) that
enables cache snooping.

I'm looking at the 2.3.99-pre5 sources, at about line 2519 in uart.c:

	up->smc_rfcr = SMC_EB;
	up->smc_tfcr = SMC_EB;

change them to:

	up->smc_rfcr = SMC_EB | 0x20;
	up->smc_tfcr = SMC_EB | 0x20;

and see what happens.  Of course, you probably want to add a SMC_GBL
#define to do this properly.


On Mon, May 01, 2000 at 07:38:56PM +0300, Arto Vuori wrote:
> I'm currently trying to get linux running on EST SBC8260 board. I had
> some problems with serial ports. Initially it just sent some garbage. I
> found that serial port driver doesn't initialize BRG division factor in
> SCCR register even though it assumes that it should be set to 0. I
> modified my bootloader to initialize it and output looks now much
> better.
> There still seems to be some problems with caches. Everything is just
> fine with caches disabled, but if i enable caches output doesn't look
> correct. Adding some flush_dcache_range() calls to uart.c seems to fix
> that problem, but shouldn't rx & tx buffers be allocated from some non
> cacheable region??

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