scsi-experts needed: target aborted

Michel Dänzer daenzerm at
Mon Jun 26 19:30:49 EST 2000

Wolfgang Haeuptli wrote:

> I was never able to access my scanner (UMAX astra 1200S, scsi).
> mesh reports: target 6 aborted, interrupt in idle phase ?
> Some time ago, somebody posted a patch (see end of message) to enable
> scsi-debugging, which miraculously makes the scanner get recognized by the
> kernel and work (partly) with SANE...
> I had to disabled the patch again, because my log file (and the console) got
> filled up with tons of debug infos.
> Now my question to scsi-cracks:
> Why does the device only gets registered with debugging enabled (no other
> changes to mesh)

I'm not a SCSI crack, but anyway :)

Debugging slows down very much, so - sounds to me like the SCSI driver needs
idle loops and/or memory barriers here and there...


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