ide_delay_50ms() freezing on PPC?

Michel Lanners mlan at
Mon Jun 26 04:13:46 EST 2000

Hi all,

The latest 2.4.0 kernels don't boot on my machine anymore. They just
freeze in detecting the Promise Ultra66 IDE controller, specifically in
ide_delay_50ms(). Here is the code:

void ide_delay_50ms (void)
        unsigned long timeout = jiffies + ((HZ + 19)/20) + 1;
        while (0 < (signed long)(timeout - jiffies));

CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDECS is support for PCMCIA IDE devices, which is not
configured in my kernel. So that function hangs if using the 'manual'
delay. Everything is OK if I force it to use schedule_timeout(), which
by the way was always the case until a few kernels ago.

So, why does the 'manual' way hang? (I suppose interrupts are not
disabled at this point, are they?)

And why can we only use schedule_timeout() if compiling with



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