Status of hfs support as of 2.4.0-test1-ac21

Mike DeSimone desimone at
Fri Jun 23 23:26:30 EST 2000

At 06:35 -0500 6/23/00, Michel Lanners wrote:
>Did you try accessing CDRoms ith their 2K block size? While late
>2.3.99/2.4 kernels have always been able to access hfs disks in a more
>or less stable way, CDRoms have not been working for a very long time...

Really?  All the CDs I burn in Toast must have 512 byte sectors.  I've
always been able to access them from both my PPC and X86 Linux boxes.

Or maybe it's because I threw out the Philips and got a Pioneer.  I dunno.
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