Proposal: non-PC ISA bus support

Michel Lanners mlan at
Thu Jun 22 07:47:01 EST 2000

Hi all,

On  20 Jun, this message from Benjamin Herrenschmidt echoed through cyberspace:
> We still can decide (and that's what I currently do in the kernel) that
> IO space is only supported on one of those 3 busses (the one on which the
> external PCI is). This prevents however use of IOs on the AGP slot,

... and multiple host bridges, like on the 9x00 (bad, two separate buses
    à 3 slots) and 7x00/8x00 (no problem, second (fixed, video
    subsys) bus doesn't have IO devices).

struct pci_dev has void *sysdata. Can we use that for something
reasonable here? Like additional info (iobase per device, set by fixup


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