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Mike DeSimone desimone at
Wed Jun 21 23:44:33 EST 2000

>Is there any boot parameter or so to make it work in "ultra" mode ?

I think what you want is in this clip from

 *  A Boot time option was also added for not resetting the scsi bus.
 *    Form:  aic7xxx=extended
 *           aic7xxx=no_reset
 *           aic7xxx=ultra
 *           aic7xxx=irq_trigger:[0,1]  # 0 edge, 1 level
 *           aic7xxx=verbose

So you might try aic7xxx=ultra or aic7xxx=ultra,verbose.

I have no idea if this works or will even do anything; I just remember
running across this when trying to debug a tape drive problem.
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