dmasound module and AWACS errors

Gwyn Judd b.judd at
Wed Jun 21 11:16:55 EST 2000

On Tue, Jun 20, 2000 at 09:09:40AM -0400, Kevin M. Myer wrote:
> Hello,


> Now, I'm experiencing a phenomenon of the Windows world - random
> reboots.  I go home at night with the machine running Linux and I come
> to work in the morning with the machine rebooted into MacOS.  Or
> sometimes, the machine is just frozen and nothing except a reboot will
> bring it back.  I've noticed on several occasions that there is a problem
> with the sound module.  When the dmasound module is loaded, the following
> error message is logged:
> AWACS error: f

I get this too. I don't get the "AWACS error" thing but I get the random
reboots and/or crashes. It usually comes after a couple of days of
playing mp3s. I have sound loaded as a module. This is on 2.2.16 but I
also got it on 2.2.15 as well.

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Linuxppc 2000

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