can't build -devel; matroxfb parse error?

Stefan Jeglinski jeglin at
Tue Jun 20 10:01:27 EST 2000

I just (7pm EDT -0400) rsynced to the linux-pmac-devel tree to try
the latest compile on my PM6500. With all default config options, I
get this error:

matroxfb_base.c:1146: parse error before `matroxfb_set_cmap'
make[4]: *** [matroxfb_base.o] Error 1

I'm using /gcc version 2.95.2 19991024 (release/franzo)/ if that
makes any difference. I don't know how to handle a "parse error."
What is it and how might I fix it (or do I just not compile with
matrox support for now)?

Stefan Jeglinski

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