CTFB 0.30 now availiable (CT65554...CT69000)

Adrian Cox apc at agelectronics.co.uk
Mon Jun 19 21:11:43 EST 2000

Thomas Hhenleitner wrote:
> The driver works now quite well with my hw.
> Check the ctfb_README for limits and features.
> What about a merge with the old chipsfb.o?

I'm working on my 69030 driver as a separate driver currently, because
of the requirement to use memory mapped IO and avoid all fixed IO
addresses, which makes it incompatible with the 65550. I did look at
your driver, but I decided to base mine on the existing chipsfb.c
because I needed PowerPC support, and because the coding style of your
driver was quite different to existing frame buffer drivers.

My priorities are:
1) Not assume any BIOS setup, as BIOS setup only occurs on x86 hosts,
and only on the primary display.
2) Avoid use of the big-endian region in the chip, while still
supporting big-endian hosts. This is necessary to support the
twin-pipeline mode of the 69030 in future.
3) Support multiple displays. This requires use of memory mapping.

- Adrian Cox, AG Electronics

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