Need for Cross Platform Updates Distribution

Hollis Blanchard hollis at
Mon Jun 19 18:19:27 EST 2000

Bryan Stillwell wrote:
> I've never used suse personally, but I've tried using a
> suse rpm witha redhat installation and it just screwed everything up.

I look at that as trying to install an OS/2 binary onto a Windows box
(and then complaining that it doesn't work).

> Why are the
> Linux distro companies fighting over something as simple as packaging
> format?

The package format is the same (rpm), it's the contents that differ. And
I really don't see a fight - everyone seems quite happy to let the
others do what they want.

> Also, what's this about suse using /opt for kde and gnome? sn't
> /opt in the filesystem standard for commercial software only?

It all depends on what "standard" you're using.

> I guess my main question for writing this message is will the various
> distros (Yellowdog, linuxppc, suse, etc.) ever get package compatibility
> where I can use a rpm from suse and install it on a yellowdog box?  or
> will Debian be the best choice for me in the near/distant future for any
> platform?

The distributions all want to make their stuff the best. And since
people have different opinions on what's best, distributions differ.
That's the way it goes.

I should also note that Debian packages also don't work well with other


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