2.4.0 - kernel status Q?

Ramprasad Rao ramp at oddjob.uchicago.edu
Mon Jun 19 00:53:03 EST 2000

I was wondering if any of active ppc kernel developers can give a
brief summary on the status of the 2.4.0 test kernel vis-a-vis the
2.2.15pre kernels on linux-pmac-stable. My question is the following -

Are the changes to the ppc tree on linux-pmac-stable incorporated into
the linux-pmac-devel?

I'm currently very happy with the kernels I compile from pmac-stable.
My only complaint is with the USB backport which is near 2.3.37 I
believe. This does not seem to support the usb-storage devices very
well. However the pmac-devel kernel did boot fine and I was able to
mount a USB zip 250, format to it and write to it as well without
a problem.

Thanks in advance - Ramprasad

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