copy_from_user in drivers/video/fbmem.c

Adrian Cox apc at
Fri Jun 16 19:31:15 EST 2000

I've just ported the chips driver in 2.2 to the 69030 (now Asiliant, was
Intel, was C&T). I've found that writing to the frame buffer device
fails, because the underlying method in fbmem.c uses copy_from_user(),
and on PowerPC copy_from_user() cannot copy into uncached space.

Which do people think is wrong:
Is copy_from_user() on PPC wrong, because it can't write to uncached
Is fbmem.c wrong, because it tries to use copy_from_user() to memory
mapped IO?

- Adrian Cox, AG Electronics

ps. On the 7400 this is fairly academic, as writing sequentially to a
cache line allocates it without the need for dcbz.

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