recent bk tree broken on LongTrail

Geert Uytterhoeven geert at
Thu Jun 15 05:07:30 EST 2000

The current bk tree (june 15) no longer works on my CHRP LongTrail. The version
from june 5 works fine.

If I try to boot the new kernel image, OF reboots the box in the `correct mode'
(sic) for the kernel image, after which real-mode? becomes true. Needless to
say, it still doesn't work after that and goes until
`returning from prom_init', which is not good.

I manually have to restore real-mode? to false before I can boot my old kernels
again. I suspect the new chrpboot code for the POWER3/4 boxes is the culprit.

Let's investigate this (after I finished the dishes, of course :-)



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