keyboard under XF4?

Michel Lanners mlan at
Mon Jun 12 20:44:35 EST 2000

Hi list,

This might not really be a -dev issue, but I need help anyway ;-)

I've set up my swiss-french keyboard under XF4; works partly...

What doesn't work is characters I need to type with the <alt> modifier;
they somehow get 0x80 added to the keysym before it is delivered to an

xev shows the correct charcter map, keysym etc. However, it's wrong once
it appears in eg. an xterm: hitting <alt>3 should produce '#' (keysym
0x23), but in xterm the result is '£' (keysym 0xa3).

Any idea? FWIW, I'm using xmodmap to set the mapping under X. Also,
console is OK, so it's really an X issue...



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