Out of memory?

Michel Lanners mlan at cpu.lu
Mon Jun 12 20:39:16 EST 2000

Hi list,

I've run into memory problems. I'm experimenting with Gimp, and working
with relatively large images (3000 x 3000 pixels). I'm also working with
large fonts (>100 pixels).

Problem is that the kernel VM layer starts to kill my processes when
they get really big re. memory footprint. Here are the massages from the

Jun 12 10:53:13 piglet kernel: VM: killing process gimp
Jun 12 10:55:03 piglet kernel: VM: killing process X
Jun 12 10:59:46 piglet kernel: VM: killing process X
Jun 12 12:04:27 piglet kernel: VM: killing process xfs

and so on... acording to the comment in arch/ppc/mm/fault.c, this
happens when for some reason the kernel cannot satisfy a paging request.

xfs gets killed when rendering a really big font, X when sending it over
to gimp, and gimp when working with large images....

What reason is there to kill a process for memory reasons? Does a single
process need to fit _entirely_ into RAM, or can part of a process be
swapped out? In all of the above cases, I've always had over 100 megs of
swap free. Or is there a fixed limit on how big a process can get?



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