PowerPC BOF at Ottawa Linux Symposium July 19

rodgersg at us.ibm.com rodgersg at us.ibm.com
Sat Jun 10 05:03:16 EST 2000

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I introduced the idea of a PowerPC Linux BOF on linuxppc-workstation
and someone said I should also post it on linuxppc-dev.
The idea is to have a meeting of people interested in PowerPC
Linux on the first day (July 19) of the Ottawa Linux Symposium
from 5-7PM eastern time.   This doesn't appear to conflict
with any other meetings at the Symposium.

There are some people who would like to attend a PowerPC
Linux BOF, but will not be in Ottawa.   So I decided to get an
800 dial-in conference number for people to call in and talk/listen.
I know how hard it is to hear on those things, but it will be helpful
if people on the phone can do a 5 minute talk on the work they
are doing with respect to PowerPC Linux and to share
their concerns with everyone.     So if you are not going to
Ottawa and want to join the PowerPC BOF, send me e-mail
so I can send you the 800 number.   Also, if there is enough
interest, I will get an international number for Europe.   Although
it will be pretty late for Europe.   You should also e-mail me
if you are going to Ottawa in person so I can buy enough pizza
and beverages.

I have asked the symposium organizers if a BOF at 5-7pm on the
first day (July 19) is OK and I have not heard anything back yet.
I will wait for some response and if OK,  I will reserve a room at the
Conference Centre with a conference phone.

Please send me ideas for what people would like to cover at
the meeting.  I was hoping to create a top10 list of tactical and
strategic work items for PowerPC Linux.    For example one item
might be the port of QuickTime Player to Linux PPC.   If this
meeting is successful, we can review these lists every year.
I will be glad to serve as secretary and post them on these
news groups.

You may ask, "who am I to be organizing this?"  This is probably
the first time you've seen my name.   I have been quietly listening
to linuxppc-dev and linuxppc-workstation for about a year.
My interest is running Linux on high-end PowerPC servers.
I know we will never get there without all the work that was done
for the Mac and other PowerPC platforms.    I am still getting up
to speed technically, but I do bring some organizational skills.
I recently lead a team of people to port Linux to the POWER4
microprocessor.    Paul Mackerras and Tom Gall were on that
team.   These names should be more familiar to people on this
news group.

If anyone else wants to help organize this meeting,
please let me know.   The more the better.

Have fun!

Greg Rodgers (rodgersg at us.ibm.com)
914-892-1319  Tie 532-1319

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