XFree86-4.0 Status?

Michael Schmitz schmitz at opal.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de
Wed Jun 7 06:05:58 EST 2000

> > I was wondering if anybody could comment on the status of
> > XFree86-4.0. I tried installing this on a PowerBook G3/250 and have
> > had no luck. I've seen just a few posts in regards to "support isn't
> > there yet" so I was wondering if anybody could comment.
> I suppose that's Mach64 hardware, so you have to use the fbdev driver _and_ a
> patched kernel to correct broken OF PCI memory mappings.
> Ask Michael Schmitz :)

I haven't tried it on that machine but if it's a Mach64 chipset there will
likely be a PCI resource collision between VRAM and MMIO space. I had to
patch both 2.3.99pre7 and 2.2.15 to make it work. For 2.3.x, Geert's old
PCI resource patch did fine, reassignment for 2.2.15 is a bad hack likely
to break on other machines (I just guessed a free PCI address range
instead of walking the resource tree).


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