Debian pmud package available

Joseph Garcia jpgarcia at
Wed Jun 7 05:12:21 EST 2000

Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > How? At least the gkrellm pmud plugin doesn't show the charge level here.
> You need the -a flag for pmud to switch on apm support, plus the plugin
> needs to read from /etc/power/apm instead from /proc somewhere.

the GKrellM PMU plugin uses PMUD directly rather than using the APM-frontend.
What PMU_VERSION id does the Pismo have?  the plugin is written to support up to
12 (keylargo/iBook).  My page lists Pismo as unsupported because I know nothing
about how PMUD handles it.  Looking at the code, it appears as if it is just
another smart battery.  But there is no evidence to a PMU_VERSION relating to
it.  Does Batmon display for Pismo systems?  I could update it to support Pismo
ASAP if I get some input.

For plugins like this, should the pmud.h be put in a public location, like
/usr/include/pmud?  It has useful info, like PMU_VERSION and related strings,
which dont need to be in several places.  also makes a nice dependancy to make
sure PMUD is installed.


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