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Michel Dänzer daenzer at
Tue Jun 6 04:20:13 EST 2000

Hey all

The URL and filenames have changed a bit:

This is 4.0b .

Good news for the Permedia2 people: DGA support is here. It's not tested

The other important thing is support for the latest PowerBooks in the r128

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XFree86 4.0b server with Permedia2 hardware acceleration

Please read the accompanying readmes for every tarball before continuing.


This contains all the necessary files to get an XFree86 4.0b server up and

- The glint driver provides sophisticated hardware acceleration for Permedia2
  graphics boards.

- The r128 driver does the same for Rage128 boards (support for all Rage128
  chips including the Rage Mobility M3 found in the latest PowerBooks)

- I have also included the ati driver for the Mach family of ATI chips.
  *NOTE* This is untested on PPC and will probably crash and burn! That's why
  I haven't prepared a Driver Section for it in the XF86Config.

- Finally, the fbdev driver enables everyone with a working framebuffer device
  to get the server running easily. However, it's not accelerated in any way.


First of all, make a copy of your XF86Config. Its format has changed since
3.3.x and an example will be installed with the server (/etc/X11/XF86Config).
Please edit it to suit your system.

Extract the tarball to your root directory. Apart from the XF86Config issue,
it should be able to coexist with an existing X installation. (Check out the
server's -xf86config commandline option!) The new server executable is
/usr/X11R6/bin/XFree86, depending on your installation you'll have to make it
suid root (chmod u+s).

Read and edit the supplied XF86Config file!

*Important note for users with PCI gfx cards*

Apparently, you have to supply a BusID for the fbdev driver to work.


- Greatly enhanced hardware acceleration due to the new XAA (XFree
  Acceleration Architecture)

- Hardware cursor

- Modular design, single modules can be replaced without much hassle

Changes since 4.0a:

- DGA 2.0 support in the glint driver (untested)! Please report if it works.

- Support for all Rage128 chips in the r128 driver

- ati driver included (*UNTESTED*)

- documentation (manpages and HTML) for the server, XF86Config and drivers

Changes since 3.9.18:

- contains experimental support for the Xv extension, try
  (don't forget the -b switch and maximizing the window :)
  Thanks to Michael Schimek for his code.

- problems with signal 4 are fixed

- new -libs- and -include- tarballs (not needed for normal usage)

- the r128 driver is included again. Kostas Gewrgiou <gewrgiou at> is an
  X developer working on r128/PowerMac support, contact him if it doesn't

Changes since 3.9.17f:

- I removed a few supposedly unused modules to make the tarballs smaller.
  If it complains about something missing, contact me

- Fixed all known acceleration bugs

- Fixed a bug which caused a crash (signal 11) with AfterStep's menu.
  If you experienced a sig 11 in another situation, this *might* be fixed as

Known Problems

- glint: 604e users apparently still have to enable
    Option "XAANoScanlineCPUToScreenColorExpandFill"
  in the XF86Config. I'm working on this and will provide an updated driver
  module once it's fixed.

- r128: Wrong colors after switching away and back with some chips

- fbdev: Some things are _very_ slow (Most notably the GNOME logout screen).
  If you want to help, send an xscope trace to me or
  Keith Packard <keithp at>

For problem reports etc. contact me, *NOT* XFree86! This is in no way an
official release!

Have fun,

Michel D?nzer <daenzerm at>

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