mesh in 2.4.0-test1

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at
Sun Jun 4 22:29:05 EST 2000

On Sun, Jun 4, 2000, Geert Uytterhoeven <geert at> wrote:

>take into account that on CHRP boxes with both ISA and OpenPIC, the interrupt
>numbers have to be fixed up. Below is the patch that made it work for me.
>Before I check it in into bitkeeper: should I replace the test
>    _machine == _MACH_chrp
>    !strncmp(model, "IBM,LongTrail", 13)
>or are there other CHRP models bitten by this as well?

Hum, that's a side effect of enabling the new interrupt tree parsing on
all machines. Well, that's more or less my fault: the pmac_newworld
variable gets set to 1 on CHRP, thus enabling the new interrupt tree
parsing on them.

A better fix would be to only enable pmac_newworld on pmacs. (But still
keep the interrupt tree parsing for chrp since it's basically a chrp
thing that Apple implemented in newworld machines).

Note that this problem may be present in recent 2.2.x kernels too.
However, a subtle difference in 2.2.x is that _machine may not be
initialized yet when finish_device_tree() is called.

I'll look into those today and push fixed to both bk trees.


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