Frustration with MACE...

bob at bob at
Sun Jun 4 14:04:07 EST 2000

I've spent several hours tonite trying to get the MACE driver to behave
properly on a 7200/90 with the 2.2.15pre20 kernel.

The internal ethernet is connected via the 10BT port. It works sometimes for
a while and then just stops working. I have tried it through a switch and
with a cisco 675.

I looked over the plscc configs, noticed the little force AAUI config.
Tried different plscc combos, tried different phycc (PHY) combos, it's
still flakey! I've tried it on 3 7200's. It works pretty well on only one.

If the machine is in MacOS I can pump megabytes through the Mesh without

If I use a PCI ethernet card, it works perfectly. I'm running out of ideas
(and if don't get this working, I'll be out of PCI slots).

When it doesn't work, I don't even get errors in netstat -in.

Any IDEAS????

Robert E. Brose II    N0QBJ
bob at

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