[patch] VRAM detection in controlfb

Michel Lanners mlan at cpu.lu
Sat Jun 3 16:28:25 EST 2000

Hi Takashi,

On  31 May, this message from Takashi Oe echoed through cyberspace:
> [...]
>> If I hear no opposition, I'll send this off to Alan; it might make it
>> into 2.4.0-final.
> Actually, I have sent a similar patch to DanJ a few weeks ago.

Do you mind if I merge yours and my patch to keep your bugfixes and
enhancements, and my command line code? I think mine is easier in the
sense that you can _exactly_ specify what is in the box, including
indicating the bank for 2MB configs.

For those with multiple display adapters, do you think an option
controlfb:off might make sense? As there is no way to control which card
gets assigned which framebuffer device, that might help in certain

> The patch
> attached includes a few bug fixes as well as a feature enhancement in that
> it is now possible to program all aspects of control frame buffer
> geometry/timings to your liking; that is, you can use xvidtune to ruin
> your monitor if you are not careful.

I've had a quick try in XFree 4, but that didn't work. How did you do

Also, when running Xfree 4, I get a wrapped-around screen in the sense
that the leftmost ~200 pixels appear on the _right_ side of the monitor.
Might that be the offset of pixel #1 in the framebuffer? Although,
that's around 100 bytes IIRC, so wouldn't explain the 200 pixels at 32
bit/pixel.... FWIW, I'm running Jack Howarth's XF4-12a RPMs.



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