kernel error

Ryan Boder rboder at
Sat Jun 3 06:35:14 EST 2000

I just rsynced the source for linux-pmac-stable from
It compiled fine but when I tried to reboot it started to work and then
I got this...

Kernel stack overflow in process co1c5260, r1 = co1c57a0

Then Xmon said....

vector 500 at pc = co172594, msr = 9032, sp = co1c57a0 [colc56f0]
current = co1c5260, pid = 0, comm = swapper

What exactly does that mean? I was using the linux-pmac-stable source so
I this code has obviously worked before. Am I missing some library
functions? If anyone has any advice I'd be greatful. By the way, I am
using a G4 AGP 400mhz and I used the dot.config from Pauls site.


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