Linux 2.3.47 .... PCI boards... Linux beta in general

Gabriel Paubert paubert at
Thu Feb 24 19:47:59 EST 2000

On Wed, 23 Feb 2000, Patrick Lerda wrote:

> I've tried linux 2.3.47 on my PowerPC 740 board, the core seems working but
> a lot of drivers don't work properly.
> serial:	linux see my two ISA 16C550 intel compatible, but console go only to
> framebuffer

Do you have CONFIG_SERIAL_CONSOLE, I have problems with 2.3.45 on my
750 machines, but the serial console is working. You'll have to add
console=ttyS0 however since a VT console will be used by default otherwise
if compiled in (actually I have headless machines).

> PCI boards:
> 	Adaptec SCSI, start and crash when HD is found. OOPS here
> 	IDE	idem

NCR53C8xx seems to work.

> 	Ethernet NE2000 board found, fail later.
> 	Tulip, found fail later.

On some machies DE4X5 works better...

> otherwise:
> 	USB core seems to work

I don't have any USB.

> If you have success with theses kernels.

I'm going to try to upgrade...


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