gdb and multi-threaded applications.

jjs Jerry.Sexton at
Wed Feb 23 21:09:10 EST 2000

I recently installed linuxppc-1999 on my beige G3. The main motivation for
doing this was to debug a multi-threaded application, which I could not do
under the Release 4 that I previously had installed.

The version of gdb that comes with the distribution (which I got from is, which is not multi-thread aware. I therefore
got hold of the sources for 4.17 from and H.J.Lu's patches for and compiled up the resulting sources. According to the release
notes for, the change form to adds support for
LinuxThreads on PowerPC, so the version I have should work for
multi-threaded applications. However, typing 'info threads' on the
resultingexecutable, just returns me to the gdb prompt. Typing 'thread 1',
yields the message 'Thread ID 1 not known. Use the "info threads" command to
see the IDs of currently known threads.'. According to the gdb info, this is
typical behaviour of a gdb that does not have multi-threaded support.

Also, running the gdb.threads test in the testsuite that comes with the
distribution, tells me that my gdb does not support pthreads for this

All the evidence points to my gdb build not supporting multiple threads. Can
anybody tell me what I am doing wrong?

Cheers, Jerry.

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