DVD question(been fiddling with 2.2.15pre6 i patched)

Jeremy Knope swttiggr2 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 11 03:09:19 EST 2000

would be nice to get the Rage128's decoder specs for
the G3... :-D but i need a working kernel for DVD too.
my 2.2.15pre6 has hda partition check issues(lost
interupt) and the linux-pmac-devel wouldn't compile
for me. some errors in atyfb related stuff and also
ide-pmac. :-( if anybody can point me to a working
2.3.39 or similar that i can get to work on my G3 and
test out DVDs it would be awesome... :-)
  -Jeremy T. K.
> Someone needs to contact the right channels to find
> some specs for the DVD
> decoder card for powerbooks...hmm...
> Josh

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