the state of the linuxppc-dev community

Michael Schmitz schmitz at
Thu Feb 10 07:04:06 EST 2000

> > I do see the problem that information is splintered over too many
> > web pages and FTP servers (I fail to see what this has to do with
> > the GPL).
> I have, in the past, been unable to find sources for kernel
> binaries...  Out of date binaries, mind you, for less than
> run-of-the-mill systems, but still, it's frustrating.  Let's see what
> can be fixed and improvied though, and move on.

Short of using a CVS server, tagging each kernel build as a separate
branch, or posting a diff along with each kernel, that would be
impossible. I agree that a release kernel (:= kernel binary used in some
distribution) should have a corresponding diff and .config - demanding
'show me the source' in each case where someone posts a kernel someplace
would be asking too much, in my book. YMMV; I don't post kernels anyway;
I'm going to shut up now. Thank you.


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