anyone build 2.3.42 for ppc?

Chas Williams chas at
Sun Feb 6 01:56:17 EST 2000

>In message <Pine.LNX.3.96.1000204232520.15802L-100000 at>,Jeff Garzik writes:
>This patch is wrong.  I fixed nvram to use initcalls.
>If nvram doesn't load you have other problems.

ok, i see the problem, with __initcall, which is missing in
drivers/macintosh/nvram.c, so this patch is more correct, however it still
doesnt work after making this change.  i believe the reason is ld related,
when vmlinux is linked, __initcall_nvram_init resides in macintosh.a along
with another initcall function, __initcall_adb_init.  after linking
vmlinux only contains __initcall_adb_init:

% nm drivers/macintosh/macintosh.a | egrep initcall
00000000 ? __initcall_adb_init
00000000 ? __initcall_nvram_init

% nm vmlinux | egrep initcall
c0259068 ? __initcall_adb_init
c0259060 ? __initcall_adb_mouse_init
c0259044 ? __initcall_bdflush_init
c0259070 A __initcall_end
c025905c ? __initcall_ide_cdrom_init
c0259058 ? __initcall_init_autofs_fs
c025904c ? __initcall_init_elf_binfmt
c0259054 ? __initcall_init_ext2_fs
c0259048 ? __initcall_init_script_binfmt
c0259040 ? __initcall_kswapd_init
c0259050 ? __initcall_partition_setup
c0259064 ? __initcall_pci_proc_init
c0259040 A __initcall_start
c023166c t do_initcalls

i changed the makefile to list drivers/macintosh/nvram.o during the link
stage (after macintosh.a but that probbaly doesnt matter), and
__initcall_nvram_init found its way into the executable.

this leads me to believe that ld cannot merge the muliple initcall's
from a library.  my ld version is 2.9.4 so i dont think its a tool
'problem'.  the right way to fix this would be to list the various
bits of macintosh.a seperately during link?

here is the patch to add initcall it macintosh/nvram.c:

--- drivers/macintosh/nvram.c.000       Sat Feb  5 08:43:10 2000
+++ drivers/macintosh/nvram.c   Sat Feb  5 09:12:39 2000
@@ -102,14 +102,17 @@

-int nvram_init(void)
+int __init nvram_init(void)
        printk(KERN_INFO "Macintosh non-volatile memory driver v%s\n",
        return 0;
-#ifdef MODULE
+#ifndef MODULE
 int init_module (void)
         return( nvram_init() );

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