[patch] little-endian dmasound silently fails

BenH bh40 at calva.net
Sun Feb 6 00:26:13 EST 2000

On Fri, Feb 4, 2000, Takashi Oe <toe at unlserve.unl.edu> wrote:

>Maybe because it does support it?  Well, seriously, I've just checked the
>driver is okay wrt *S16_LE/BE at least on AWACS rev. 2.
>First, I wrote an app to play a sound file correctly when AFMT_S16_BE is
>specified.  Then, I modified the app so that it will byte swap the 16-bit
>data but still with AFMT_S16_BE.  As expected, it made some annoying
>noise when it was asked to play the same sound file.  Now, I modified the
>code again to let it specify AFMT_S16_LE instead.  Well, it played the
>sound file correctly just as hoped.
>I know a lot of people are not happy about our sound driver, but I
>don't think this is dmasound's fault.  Luckily for us, many "broken"
>OSS-compatible apps tend to work just fine if we simply modify them to ask
>for AFMT_S16_NE not *_LE, though performance critical apps should be fixed
>with more effort.

Actually, I had some reports about this problem too and I'm wondering if
all revisions of AWACS actually support byte swapping. (I think I
remember seeing a comment on this list telling explicitely that some
revisions didn't support it).

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