Where can I found information about PReP ?

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> Hi everybody,
> I used to hack Linux on Intel before and now I must
> deal with PowerPc. I have a "basic" question. May be
> it will seem stupid but I did not found any
> information about the "PReP" stuff.
> So the question is: where can I find precise
> information about "PReP" ? (books, web, ...).

General informations for PReP is distributed on
PReP specs and other informations for PReP, CHRP, and so on.

> Note: I have consulted the FAQS. I've seen the word
> PReP thousand times but I did not find practical
> information. I have used Yahoo and Altavista too ...
> but nothing very useful. Is the "PReP" stuff something
> top secret ;)

I think so, too.
I took some basic informations from them, and PowerPC-FAQ.

I wrote histry of PReP a little in Japanese, but not in English.

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