kerne-2.4.0-test13pre3 with gcc-2.97

Thomas Sailer sailer at
Mon Dec 25 02:19:23 EST 2000

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
> On Dec 23, 2000, Kaoru Fukui <k_fukui at> wrote:
> > -             unsigned char b[0];
> > +             unsigned char *b;
> This change (and apparently all other changes you've made) are
> definitely wrong.  Zero-sized arrays as the last element of a
> structure used to be an extension in GCC 2.95.2, that has been adopted
> by C99 with a slightly different syntax, that GCC CVS supports: just
> remove the `0' from between the braces.

Which is not backward compatible, unfortunately. So the
backward compatible fix would be "unsigned char b[1];".


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