Control fb problem on 8500

Michel Dänzer daenzerm at
Wed Aug 23 07:55:19 EST 2000

Michel Lanners wrote:

> supposing someone actually finds out how control's hardware cursor works,
> and supposing someone would actually take the time to implement this,
> wouldn't we need to provide a XFree driver as well? I guess plain fbdevhw
> doesn't support hw cursor...

Don't think that there are fbdev ioctls to control it either.

> In that event, would it be possible to address the above-mentioned flaw
> in XFree in that particular driver, or is the problem more geneic (i.e.
> littered throughout the source tree)?

No, the driver can handle it very easily by setting pScrn->displayWidth to the
correct value.

The problem with the fbdev driver is that it should know that value before it
possibly can (before the mode is initialized).


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