Backlight control on Lombard PB

Topi Kanerva tkanerva at
Thu Aug 10 16:44:28 EST 2000

On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Michael Schmitz wrote:

>Should be fixed in BenH's current tree, he said he was going to do it this
>past weekend. The pmu backlight controller didn't get registered on the
>Lombard (and possibly Wallstreet) because the backlight-control property
>is missing on these machines.

Well, the backlight control surely doesn't work on Pismos... I just hate
it when I have to boot over to MacOS to switch up the backlight level
(I usually keep it low because it eats so much battery...)
Now, I realize that the PMU on Pismos is somewhat different, but supposedly
there is a way (in MacOS) to try to poke what kind of values are being
written to the registers when you change the backlight in MacOS (fn-F1/F2)

actually, to be able to turn off the backlight is perharps the most
important single power-saving feature. unfortunately, I myself don't have
any reverse-engineering experience on MacOS (this is my first mac ever...)


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