quik/kernel interaction

Michel Lanners mlan at cpu.lu
Wed Aug 9 06:46:19 EST 2000

Hi Bill,

On   6 Aug, this message from Bill Jackson echoed through cyberspace:
> i have tried to upgrade my kernel from 2.2.15 to 2.2.17(test 5 and benh)
> or 2.4.0.  I am able to get the kernels to compile, but they won't
> boot.  I have modified my quik.conf file and reran quik.  with any of
> the new kernels I have made (I also made the existing 2.2.15 kernel), i
> get the quik boot screen and select the kernel I wish to boot and the
> screen goes to the "copying OF device tree....done", then says
> 'booting', but then it locks up.  i never get the actual  kernel to
> load....at one point, i was getting a returning from prom_init message,
> but I no longer get that message.  I also at one point got messages
> "Initializing Fake screen" and "Failed to get address", followed by a
> "returning from prom_init" message...but the kernel never actually
> loads...

Occasionally, I had the same problem, but it was relatively random. It
could happen on one kernel, I would recompile it, and the problem would
be gone. Or I switched the box off for some time, retried, and now it

I would rather conclude on some strange phenomenon rather than a
straight bug somewhere. Possibly recent kernels, due to some code
changes like differences in execution time, reveal the problem more

Unfortunately, I don't have a solution neither.... Note that I'm running
aome old version of quik that I had to modifiy to get it to boot my G3
processor upgrade card. There was a problem with the way the BAT regs
were set... No idea whether the fix Paulus sent me actually made its way
into the latest quik release.


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