a GCC question

Timothy A. Seufert tas at mindspring.com
Sun Aug 6 19:45:37 EST 2000

At 1:01 AM -0500 8/6/00, Takashi Oe wrote:

>By the way, has anyone noticed compiling arch/ppc/mm/init.c takes very
>long time?  On my machine, it takes as long as about two minutes to just
>compile it, while compiling other files are almost instantaneous.  Well,
>it's one of the biggest C files, but, still, I wonder if we can organize
>the code a bit to help the compiler somehow.  Perhaps, my machine is too

Something odd is going on.  2 minutes is way too long.  I just did:

rm arch/ppc/mm/init.o

on a 2.2.17pre13 tree which was otherwise fully compiled and watched
for make to start compiling init.c.  It took less than a second to

My computer is very fast, but it can't be that much faster than
yours!  Perhaps you are consistently hitting some VM thrashing at
that point in a full kernel build?

   Tim Seufert

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