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Tom Gall gall at
Sat Aug 5 02:06:36 EST 2000

David Edelsohn wrote:
> >>>>> Gabriel Paubert writes:
> Gabriel> I plan to send a lot of small obvious bugfixes in the next 3-4 weeks, the
> Gabriel> diffs between  my tree and the official one now run in the megabyte range,
> Gabriel> and this is too much (would the BitKeeper tree accept the VME patches and
> Gabriel> PrePboot BTW ?)
> Gabriel> What I would for one like to see is that people that write a patch that
> Gabriel> may affect other machines than their own first publish it on this list and
> Gabriel> wait a couple of days for comment and test results before pushing it to
> Gabriel> the official source tree, somewhat like what happens on gcc-patches.

  I must confess this is one of those areas where I wish we were on CVS
instead of BK.

  If you want feel free to send your patches my way and I'll be sure
that they get in. I can at least test things on my prep, chrp rs6000s
and even my power mac.

>         linuxppc-dev is not necessarily a patch submission mailinglist.
> Until PowerPC Linux development has such a thing, I think that it is
> better to coordinate with and directly send patches to someone with
> write-access who can apply the patches instead of throwing them up in the
> air and hoping that someone catches them.

  This can be a good thing or a bad thing tho. I'd rather like to see
patches posted to the list. Granted there's some line there where they
simply get too big and a link is better. At least with posting to the
list everyone has the chance to comment and better yet test them out!



> David

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