CDDA playback on Pismo (and other newer models)

Nelson Abramson pogtal at
Sat Aug 5 01:56:51 EST 2000

Henry Worth wrote:

> <snip>
> Using the ATAPI CD drivers there are underruns with significant
> dropouts every couple of seconds. Various hdparms and cdparanoia
> parms were tried with no significant change. These include various


I had issues using the "cdparanoia 1- - | play - -t WAV" until I realized
that cdparanaoia was trying to do on the fly error correcting, resulting
in the pause every few seconds.  By using the "-Z" flag, which turned off
the error correcting, I got excellent playback with no skips what-so-ever
on my Pismo.

--Nelson Abramson

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