color maps issues

Benjamin Herrenschmidt bh40 at
Thu Aug 3 23:31:17 EST 2000

>The patch looks OK to me.

When I checked last week, the version in bk 2.4 was already ok. I fixed
it in my 2.2 tree too. Time to merge some of my 2.2 stuffs to bk 2.2...

>> > that Kevin sent me last week. However after finding Kevin's original
>> > message I think he final suggestion in it is right and we should have
>> > a patch placed in aty128fb.c which shrinks the virtual resolution down
>> > to match the physical resolution in xfree when mode switching.
>> I don't think that's possible without destroying the framebuffer contents.
>Indeed. Besides, shrinking vxres is not allowed per the frame buffer device
>API rules.
>As the 'to do' list in aty128fb.c states, panning still has to be
>Anyone with a patch?

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