LinuxPPC X Server

Michael Schmitz schmitz at
Tue Aug 1 02:05:37 EST 2000

> > >>And yes, there have been reports of people trying it (one yesterday - said
> > >>it was quicker in some places & slower in others...)
> He didn't provide any numbers though. For all chipsets which have an
> accelerated driver in X 4, it's almost certainly faster than anything else -
> and also for the others it should be faster than X 3.3.x .

Talking about x11perf on Mach64? It's faster for scrolls and rectcopys but
as fast as the fbdev driver or slightly slower for other stuff. I can send
logs (at 32 bpp) to anyone that cares to analyze them. Switching back to
3.3.x is something I always wanted to do but never found time for, but
even the fbdev driver on 4.01 feels a lot faster than the 3.3.x one.


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