Development kernel (2.3.99-pre6) config problem (BLK_DEV_IDE and PMAC_PBOOK)

Jens Tingleff jens_tingleff at
Sun Apr 30 03:54:02 EST 2000


[This is just FYI, I'm not on the list]

Just a note to say that if one prunes the options recklessly, there is
a conflict between having CONFIG_PMAC_PBOOK on and CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE
off. (The first is activated by PowerBook power saving option, the
second under IDE devices in general; I had IDE driver as module.)

The last function of drivers/macintosh/mediabay.c fails teh compile
because it uses a structure field which is only defined if
CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDE is defined.

This is for kernel 2.3.99-pre6 picked off this



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