the problem with kernel format

Rolf Liu rolfl at
Fri Apr 28 14:32:24 EST 2000

Hi, all,
I encountered a big problem on the format of kernel file format.
the condition follows:
My host is x86--linux,and the target is ppc823-linux.
I have used my own cross-toolset to construct my kernel file,
including vmlinux , zImage(zvmlinux),zvmlinux.initrd, etc..
I want to debug such kernel file on my host through BDM,
which is EST of  visionPROBE. EST requres the format of
the kernel file is BIN , BDX,S,and Hex, but the kernel I got
from the cross-toolset is ELF. There comes the big problem:
How I can translate the ELF to BIN( BDX...)????????
By the way, the visionPROBE provides a converter , which can
only translate the usual ELF to BIN(BDX).
But the kernel file is a compressed one(including vmlinux,bootloader,
and other initializing code).So the converter can't translate the compressed
one to BIN(BDX).
Has anyone encountered such a problem?
How to address it ?

Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!!!

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