XFree 4.0 dual monitor on AGP G4

W. Taylor Holliday wtholliday at ucdavis.edu
Thu Apr 27 05:45:00 EST 2000

> Kostas Gewrgiou wrote:
>  Unfortunately i don't think that it will work in this case,
> the second r128 will never be able to pick the right device
> (/dev/fb1 here) the BusID line is more or less ignored in the fbdev
> case so the second driver will open /dev/fb0 which will result
> in a kernel crash.

> The only solutions for now (beyond fixing the code) is to use
> the unaccelerated fbdev driver for /dev/fb1,

How should I set up the config to do that?

> not using fbdev
> in the r128 driver will also work but this will require a couple
> of changes in the r128 driver (info about what changes are needed
> were posted in this list a few months back)

So is there a patch? Or are u just referring to some discussion on the

btw - I applied all the patches at entropy.crashing.org/~howath before

- Taylor

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