patch: POSIX.1b signals for ppc

Kevin B. Hendricks khendricks at
Wed Apr 26 21:41:41 EST 2000

Hi Giovanna,

I found your POSIX.1b signals patch for ppc that adds in sys_rt_sigreturn
and allows for signal handlers to get all 3 parameters (signo,siginfo, and

This patch is very important for the proper functioning of both green and
native threads of the JDK 1.3 that Blackdown is currently working on. (try
debugging code that uses SA_SIGINFO and ucontext as one of the will compile on powerpc with glibc 2.1.3 but the other
parameters passed to the signal handlers are just garbage which makes
debugging fun!).

Do you know its status?

Does it work on other ppc platforms outside of the ppc850?

Was it ever incorporated in part or whole into either Paul or Cort's
kernels (stable or development)?

If not, what if anything needs to be done to get the functionality of the
patch added into the ppc linux kernels?

If more work needs to be done to get this in the ppc kernels, please let me
know and I will try to help.



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