Centralized place for Java API's Needed!!

Brian gilmanb at dipswitch.penguinpowered.com
Tue Apr 25 08:07:19 EST 2000

Hello all,

	As a java programmer I find myself saying "damn if I had only
known that other guy wrote such and such API I wouldn't have done
it...."...I believe this statement could have been remedied with "Let's
see I want to do X....Let's go to CJAN (notice this is much like CPAN) and
see if someone else has written a widget like this...."....

	Does anyone else think this is a worthwhile initiative?? If so,
let's try and get some kind of working draft for how this will
work....Maybe we could make a java module much like the CPAN.pm module,
mirror sites, etc?? E-mail me back and tell me what you think/want to do!


Brian Gilman
Scientific Programmer
WhiteHead Institute

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